AHEAD-Digital - Skills for Digital Age Hospitality

See the digital landscape more clearly with AHead 
Online Digital Skills Development for Hospitality Professionals

What is AHead?

A =   accommodation
H =   hospitality
e =   excellence
ad = all digital

Real life in real time, leading edge topics to keep the connected + curious up to speed.  This preview version of AHead online knowledge modules is being offered to members and friends of YHA - Young Hotelier Award in Vienna.

Designed especially for the fast paced changes in the hospitality industry and 'mobilized' learning.

AHead = Success Skills for Generation C Hospitality Professionals

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AHead Digital innovative knowledge share initative is led by E. Craig and includes members from the World Wide Hospitality Awards for Educational Innovation. at CMH Academy Paris

Curated learning experience by OneglobeNetwork - Certification awarded by CMH-Paris.

Cinemagraph Image by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg